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About Us

Aquapol UK

Aquapol Scotland & UK has been operating since 2013. We started our operation in Scotland with the head office in Edinburgh then extended it to the whole of the UK.

We perform professional masonry diagnosis for both commercial and residential buildings and accurate masonry dampness measurements according to the latest European standards using state of the art instrumentation.

We offer an initial free building analysis, where we investigate all moisture sources, then give potential customers a thorough overview of the dampness issues discovered and advise them honestly about potential options.

We are a Trust Mark holder, members of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) and we help preserve some of the UK's oldest buildings.

International Head Office

Aquapol was founded in 1985 by an Austrian engineer and physicist. He spent almost a decade researching energy phenomena and the fundamental concepts underlying the Aquapol system. During these years several generations of devices have been tested, developing the Aquapol system through technical breakthroughs from milestone to milestone, into what it is today: a precision masonry dehydration system capable of drying out virtually any type of masonry.

By 1991 the Aquapol system has dried out more than 10,000 buildings including a wing of the Budapest Parliament building.

Today Aquapol systems have been installed in over 50,000 buildings worldwide including flats, residential and commercial properties, listed buildings, national heritage monuments, castles etc.

The AQUAPOL system has received many awards worldwide, such as the Honorary Award of the Austrian Ministry of Science, the prestigious Kaplan medal (the highest distinction in Austria for a scientific invention) and the Architecture Award of the City of Prague, just to name a few.

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