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The Potting Shed, Perth

Before the Dehydration

This former 18th century farm building located on the Scottish countryside has been converted into a luxury residential home satisfying all the needs of modern living. Originally a potting shed built of bricks and red sandstone, the building had no damp proof course and as a result it has been suffering from rising damp for a long time. A chemical DPC has been injected years ago but the crumbling plaster and delaminating sandstone remained and the owners had to learn to "live with the dampness".

The owner of the building, a business owner and working professional, discovered the Aquapol system through the internet. After assessing various potential solutions he decided to tackle the problem with the non-invasive Aquapol system, which has been installed in the building in March 2015.

The Aquapol System - Results

About one year later, in April 2016, the follow-up moisture readings confirmed that most walls have indeed dried out, while some of the external walls heavily affected by the rainy winter, have also improved.

The Aquapol system has been in for just over 6 months now, and today was the first time when we've looked at measurements and it looks like there's quite a significant improvement. Damp is reducing so your system must be working. Now it was still surprising and rewarding to see the results now 6 months on. I wasn't convinced that the results would be that good that quick - but they are!

Testimonial Video

Watch the video, hear directly from the customer the positive changes the Aquapol system created on the building.
The main points of the video are summarized below:

[00:10] A summary of the building and the dampness problem
[00:50] Looking at the various options of installing a damp proof course (DPC)
[01:05] The chemical DPC option
[01:45] Results of the Aquapol system
[02:22] The Aquapol installation procedure
[02:47] Results, changes noticed in the building after 6 months
[03:13] Bottom line: would he recommend it?

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