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Jasmine Cottage - Rutland Water Nature Reserve

Before the Dehydration

This cosy mid-terrace Grade 2 listed cottage, situated in a conservation village near the Rutland Water Nature Reserve is at least 200 years old. It was occupied by tenant workers of the local Burley Estate until its sale in 1979. Since then the property has seen little alteration, other than major repairs to the roof.

The present owners moved into the property in November 2015 and had to sort out the long standing dampness problems. Water ingress from the chimney and a broken gutter were easily dealt with, but the rising damp affecting floors and walls were a big concern. Neighbours had handled this in the traditional way.

Because the new cottage owners were thinking green and environment friendly, they decided to tackle the issue with the eco-friendly, non-invasive Aquapol system. This was installed on the premises in March 2016.

The Aquapol system - Results

The first set of follow-up moisture measurements performed about 7 months later have shown a considerable drop in moisture across all check points, both brick and plaster. Bricks tends to respond faster to the Aquapol system in comparison to plaster because they have less capillaries and are less affected by the hygroscopic effect of salts.

Please see below the progress of dehydration.

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