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Tenament Building, Vienna

The Dampness Situation in the Basement

The basement of this multi-family home in Vienna was unusable, the dampness and musty smell made it unfit to be used even as storage space.

To get the rising damp problem an Aquapol system was installed in August 2002. 18 months later, by February 2004, the building was dry and it can now safely be used for storing anything including electronics, metal and paper.

Owner and CEO of Delta Real Estate Ferdinand Schopf, a civil engineer, has long-standing experience with the Aquapol system. His estate agency has used it before and dehydrated several other buildings from their building portfolio. At the time of this short video interview the Aquapol system has been in place for over 12 years and the basement of the building has been dry bone dry for many years.

The Aquapol system is a great system and has never disappointed us. I am often contacted by others interested in my experience with it, about how satisfied I am with the system. Well, I am still as happy as 16 years ago. I keep recommending this solution and the Aquapol team to anyone interested.

Video Testimonial

Watch the video below and hear the results directly from the customer.

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