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Chestnut Cottage, North Yorkshire

The Building and its Refurbishment

The original building was divided into 3 cottages built at the end of the 18th century, further extended at the end of the 19th century. It has been uninhabited for the past 6 years before the present owners, Peter and Jo, decided to transform it into a modern family home while preserving its traditional character.

They found out about the Aquapol solution through their builder, York-based Paradigm Developments, who saw the Aquapol system at the Listed Property Show in Harrogate. The cottage was very damp with no original damp proof course (DPC), it was in need for full refurbishment, and the Aquapol system was the most cost-effective and technically best fit solution to permanently solve the rising damp problem.

Because the building was undergoing major structural changes in the early "demolition phase" while the old interior was being stripped out, the Aquapol system (the largest one) has been installed in a nearby service building. This way the dehydration could commence from a very early phase - a major time saving feature - resulting in a quicker dehydration.

5 months later, by the time most of the reconstruction works have completed and the internal finishing works have started, the building was virtually dry. The large Aquapol system from the nearby service building has been removed and replaced with a medium-sized one, which has been moved into the building into its final place.

The Aquapol system - Results

The follow-up moisture measurements after 6 months have shown a marked decrease in moisture values and the building has dried out, except one measurement point where there was water ingress from the roof. Both the cottage owners and the building contractors have been very pleased with the results.

At first, everyone I spoke to was very skeptical, they didn't understand how this "beehive" shaped thing can actually do any good - which I imagine is what most people say. Now the walls seem to be pretty dry when we are drilling into them, other than that what we have noticed is... just the lack of damp.

Testimonial Video

Please see below a short video with James Bentley, Director of Paradigm Developments sharing his experience with the Aquapol system. The main points of the video are summarized below:

[00:04] About Paradigm Developments
[00:31] How did they come across the Aquapol system
[01:05] His first thoughts when he saw the system
[01:55] What visual changes did he observe in the building during the dehydration
[02:30] As builders, what other measures they have implemented to alleviate the damp problem
[02:55] Why the Aquapol system was the best solution for his project, instead of chemical injections or tanking
[04:00] Cost comparisons

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