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The Aquapol Masonry Dehydration System

What is it?

The Aquapol masonry dehydration system is a self-contained rising damp remedy system. It is the latest technical development in the handling of rising damp.

The heart of the system is a small, lampshade-like device which is installed onto the ceiling. The device uses wireless technology to dry out the walls and it can be used for the dehydration of walls above and below ground level (e.g.cellars, basements, conversions).

The short 1-minute video below explains the concept.


What can you do about rising damp?

If you have been told your building has rising damp you are now probably doing some research to find out what's the best way to deal with the problem.

There are a number of technologies out there dealing with the rising damp. Each of these solutions have their pros and cons, some of them work better than others. They are also priced differently.

In terms of workability and efficiency, rising damp solutions can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • Solutions that merely cover-up the problem
  • Solutions that slow down the rising damp
  • Solutions that permanently stop the rising damp

You can briefly read about each of them below.

If you would like to find out more about the handling of rising damp, the pros and cons of each method, why don't you download our 24-page Rising Damp Guide below which covers:

  • A simple explanation of why rising damp exists
  • How you can recognize rising damp, its signs with lots of pictures
  • The main technical solutions to deal with the problem
  • Pros and cons of each solution so you can easily compare them
  • A detailed description of the Aquapol system
  • How to deal with condensation and mould
  • Renovation guidelines for old buildings... and more

Everything written in plain English. We put together this simple yet comprehensive guide to save you time, to give you an easy to understand overview of the potential options in dealing with rising damp, or when suspecting the presence of rising damp. Hope you find it useful.

Rising damp guide

Why is the Aquapol System different?

The main key benefit of the Aquapol system is that it terminates the rising damp problem permanently and it does it non-invasively. Instead of covering the problem up or just improving it, the Aquapol system stops the rising damp problem permanently by stopping water rising in the capillaries.

How does it do it - the science behind it - is described on the next page, however here a quick summary of the unique benefits the Aquapol system has to offer.

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