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Countryside Cottage, Scottish Borders

Before the Dehydration

This lovely 100+ years old countryside cottage from the Scottish Borders had dampness problems for a while, which just got worse over time. The measurements uncovered rising damp in several parts of the kitchen area. The customers have chosen the eco-friendly Aquapol masonry dehydration system for their rising damp problem because it provided a long-term, permanent solution to the problem.

The Aquapol System - Results

The problem of rising damp in the kitchen has been sorted permanently in a matter of months. The affected, mouldy wall section has dried out. The customers' way of measuring the system's workability was simple.

BEFORE the Aquapol system the affected wall areas had to be regularly repainted or redecorated; the dampness spoiled the finish every few months and ongoing maintenance was required.

AFTER the Aquapol system the affected areas did NOT need to be repainted, the formerly damp areas became completely maintenance-free. No more redecoration was needed even during the damp winter. 

Although the customers did not understand the science behind the Aquapol system, the idea of not having to deal with all the mess and upheaval of a traditional rising damp treatment made them take a "leap of faith" and give a fair shot to the Aquapol system. Their faith paid back and they were extremely pleased with the results.

Watch the video below, hear the story directly from the customers.

Testimonial Video


Dehydration Progress

The progress of the dehydration can be seen on the dehydration chart below.

Both measurement points have dried out in less than one year.

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